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About the Project
Resident Company - presents еAtlas.ru - a cartographic information reference site, providing convenient and quick access to cartographic information.

Project Mission. Providing a user with three-dimensional information.

Project Purposes..
1. To provide all the kinds of users with cartographic information and resources through Internet.
2. To provide cartographic service for Internet projects. Quick search and display on the map of objects from information-reference, catalogue, analytic, news, etc. databases.

Interactive maps are available on the server:
  of the following cities: Moscow, St. Petersburg, Taganrog, Nakhodka;
  of the following countries: Russia, Austria, Albania, Andorra, Benelux (Belgium, Luxemburg, Netherlands), Great Britain, Germany, Greece, Denmark, Egypt, Israel, Ireland, Spain with the Canary Islands, Italy, Cyprus, Liechtenstein, Moldova, Monaco, Portugal, Tunis, Turkey, Ukraine, France, Czechia, Switzerland;

and starry sky map.

The cities' maps are building detailed. On the cities' maps you can see the city's financial, cultural-entertainment, medicine and other institutions. You can find a street and other objects on the map by their names, numbers of buildings and constructions, their addresses.

The maps of Turkey, Cyprus, Greece, and other general geographic maps will be of interest for tourists and people keen on geography. The maps include information on cities, rivers and lakes, arterial highways and railways, airports and seaports. Hotels in popular resorts are marked on the Turkey map.

The starry sky map is an excellent example showing that maps can be not only geographic.

Development Outlook.
The company are planning to extend the list of maps represented at the site. New data expanding and completing the map information contents are regularly added to the maps already available. In the near future users will be enabled to publish their own maps. Means for cartographic data analysis will appear later on.

If your company is a manufacturer or supplier of cartographic data, we are ready to negotiate with you on publishing and advertising your data.

To use our site, you need to have a standard WEB-browser.
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