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The maps represented at the site are created by Resident-Consulting, Ltd. or its partners:
  Geoinformation Research Center, St. Petersburg (St. Petersburg's map)
  Geocentr-Consulting (Moscow's map)
  NPK (Research Manufacturing Compelx) "The Taganrog Cadastral Bureau" (Taganrog's map)
  Digital Mapping Bureau - DMB (Starry Sky Map)
  Nakhodka City Authorities, "Nakhodka" Information Cadastral Center (Nakhodka's map)
  Udmurdgrazhdanproekt, Ltd. (Izhevsk's map)
  GosGISCentr (Russia's map)
  Primorskoye Federal State Unitary Enterprise (Vladivostok's map)

We have licences for all the maps placed at the server and Gosgeonadzor's permission for open publication of them.
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